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Homework and Test questions a hint

Homework and Test questions a hint

Homework and Test questions a hint

Many people read a question and start formulating the answers before they read the entire question.

That’s akin to making decisions on incomplete or limited facts.

So, read the entire pro-log, question and supporting documentation.

See if figures balance or are supposed to balance in the pro-log to the question.

Then look at questions and see what data from the pro-log complements your decision making.

Then start answering the question.

I was working with a student where the question stated property basket (buildings, parking lots, etc.) was bought for $2,800. They then gave you the appraised value. The question was how much did building 1 cost.

The answer required you to realize that the sum of the appraised values did not equal the purchase price (it was more). One then had to find the relationships between appraised value and that total and the purchase price.

If you started to formulate your answer before reading the entire problem the difficulty of answering the three questions.

Take a little time and think; it will pay off.

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